PW-18 Wireless PowerBank 10000mAh (Black)

PW-18 Wireless PowerBank 10000mAh (Black)

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  • Model Number – PW-18
  • Battery Capacity – 10,000 mAh
  • Color – Black
  • Charging Cable Included (Type) – Micro USB Cable
  • Battery Type – Lithium Polymer
  • Output Ports –2 x USB Cable & 1 x Type C
  • Input Port – 3 x Micro USB, Type C & iPhone
  • Power Source – 18W Input
  • Suitable Device – Mobile Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Wireless Speakers, Wireless Headphones etc.


Ambrane PW-18 wireless charging power bank has a battery capacity of 10000mAh with lithium polymer battery. This dynamic charger supports both wireless and wired charging with 18W output through multiple ports. The powerbank has a suction grip to secure your device in place while it gets charged wirelessly which keeps your devices safe.

Bullet Points-:

  • Fast Charging- The supports 18W fast charging output through ports and 10W wireless output to charge your devices rapidly.
  • Dynamic Charging Options- With wireless charging and multiple charging ports, the powerbank gives you the freedom to charge devices accordingly as per the convenience.
  • Suction Grip- Have no worries of your device falling while charging wirelessly, the suction grip holds the device securely in its place and avoids any damage.
  • The powerbank displays numeric battery level to tell you exactly how much power is left for further charge.
  • Multiple charging input- No need to carry any extra wire to charge the powerbank as it has three input options i.e. Type-C, Micro USB, iPhone
  • Highly Efficient Battery- It is made of high-quality polymer battery that have the industry’s best efficiency rate.
  • What you get- Powerbank, User Manual & Charging Cable
  • Item Weight- 238gms

Secure Wireless charging

Have no risk of slipping your valuable devices or repositioning the device into the right place while charging wirelessly, charge your devices securely. The pad has a suction grip to hold your device in place, it further allows you to carry it safely in your hand.

Charging Made Effortless

Just lay your phone onto the pad for a quick and easy power boost. It supports an output of 10W to rapidly charge your devices.

Multiple Charging port-

It has two USB ports giving an output of 18W and one Type-C port which features power delivery.

Battery Level Indicator-

The powerbank shows the exact percentage of battery level in the powerbank which makes it convenient to use and recharge accordingly.

Multiple Input options-

 With three options available for charging the powerbank, you no longer need to carry extra wires. Charge both the devices and the powerbank hassle free with the same wire.

Universal Compatibility

This powerbank is compatible with Qi-enabled devices and also comes with Dual USB output & Type C for PD Output.

180 Days Warranty

We always use advanced technology to build our products. However, just in case you have any issues, our products are covered with 180 Days of limited manufacturer warranty and amazing customer service. We have over 400 service centers all across India. You can contact our customer care center at 8929700222 or write to us at



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