Surgical/Disposable Masks (3 Ply) Pack of 100

Surgical/Disposable Masks (3 Ply) Pack of 100

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A surgical mask covers the client’s nose and mouth and gives a physical boundary to liquids and particulate materials. The careful covers referenced in this direction record incorporate veils that are named as a careful, laser, disengagement, dental or clinical technique covers with or without a face shield.


  • Accompanies 3-ply construction of non-woven texture to offer assurance against residue and germs in air
  • Accompanies a versatile ear circle for an agreeable fit
  • Expendable careful cover offer assurance against residue, salivation and other air borne particles
  • Made of Non-Woven texture and offers a delicate and lightweight touch on face
  • Can be utilized in both indoor and open air condition for everyday exercises

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Disposable surgical mask latex free in box of 100 pcs, with flexible nose piece for a safe and comfortable adjustment.


  • Flexible nosepiece for the best adjustment
  • Non-woven fabric of 3 layers
  • No fiberglass
  • No latex
  • Blue colour


  • Designed to control the transmission of infectious particles from the medical workers to the patients in medical environments. It can also be effective to reduce the emission of infectious agents from the nose and mouth of an asymptomatic carrier, or of a patient with clinical symptoms.


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