Order FAQs

What is next if my order has been placed ?

An order confirmation will be sent to you through an email on registered email along with all related details. If you see any issues with confirmation email, let us know asap


How can I track my order?

We will provide you the shipping details once the order has been dispatched. You can use this number to track your order. If you see any issues, let us know asap.


How can I cancel my order ?

You may cancel it if and on if we have not started the production. You have to drop us a note on support@friskyglobal.com for same and we will assist you.


How can I get discount codes ?

You may check the offers under https://friskyglobal.com/offers


Can I modify my order ?

Yes, if the production not yet started .


Any offers on bulk orders?

Yes, we may offer discounts for bulk orders, drop us an email on support@friskyglobal.com or call us for best deals.

For any more details call us


Designs FAQs

Can I submit my design after placing order ?

Yes, you may call us within 24 hours of order to change  design. Or drop us a note support@friskyglobal.com


Will the colours same on the screen and the printed materials ?

This may slightly differ due to different technologies used.


What is smallest font size for print ?

We recommend 7 point front. We can print any size.

File formats accepted ?

Pdf, tiff, jpg


Payment FAQs

What payment modes Frisky global accept ?

You may use Internet Banking/DC/CC/Wallets/Paytm/UPI. Frisky Global also accepts payments made using Card Types like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and many more ways to pay online.

Is COD available ?

No as of now.

Where will I get refund in case of cancellations ?

We will refund it to same account from it was debited or an NEFT transfer.

Amount deducted but the order was not confirmed ?

Update our support team about it, they will check records and update.

Refund policy for damaged product ?

Get in touch with support team , we will assess the damage and proceed further.



Shipping FAQs

How much time will delivery take ?

I shall start preparing the order within 24 hours and depending on orders the shipping shall take 7-21 days.

What are the shipping charges ?

It depends on product and the location of delivery.

Is COD available ?

No as of now

How can I track my order?

Will provide the tracking id to your email once order dispatched.

Can I change shipping address post order ?

Yes, if not already dispatched , you may call us on support numbers/emails.

Order received isn’t complete ?

Update us for such cases immediately on support numbers.

Cancel & Refund FAQs

Can I cancel my order ?

There is an option , if production not started yet

Can I return the order ?

No, but in case of any damage you can let us know. We will assess.

Issue with received order ?

Update our support teams about the issue asap to get the best resolution available.

Can I get refund for damaged product ?

Get in touch with support team , we will assess the damage and proceed further.